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It was our privilege and  honor to participate at the Devon Horse Show as
representatives of the town of Malvern and the Malvern Fire company.
Wining first place honors in our division at the Devon Horse Show sure set a high
standard for us to meet for the rest of the season. We offer our thanks with much
appreciation to the folks form Malvern who entrusted us with this priceless piece of
history for us to exhibit to the public.
Along with winning first place
honors at the Devon Horse Show
with our Percheron fire hitch we
went on to win first place at the
Richland Boro fire parade for the
celebration of the 100th
anniversary of the Neptune fire
department, for best horse drawn
Our many thanks
to Donna and Ira
Dutter . Daughter
Lori,and Eric from
Malvern PA. Lori
Naugle and her
parents Mr and
Mrs LeRoy Naugle
for making the
photo record. And
my brother Hank
Yohe for all his
help and support.
This is by far the
best turnout of
fire horses we ever
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