Hames Hollow Farm's Percheron Horse Fire  Hitch
At The 128th
Pennsylvania State Fire mans Association Parade
In York PA 2007
Like all that participated  in the PA
Fireman's  parade our day started early
for our percheron fire horse hitch with
full dress inspection  at The York Fair
There where 8 entries in our
division of antique non motorize and
our fire horses where ready to
strut their stuff.
From inspection it was straight to
staging and wait.
It was time for our fire horses
to fall in to our slot . They've
been hitched for over an hour
and were ready to go.
Fire horses were a big part of
Yorks firefighting history. So it
was out the York fair grounds
and down to Market Street.
We passed the Old Royal
Fire House, which now houses
the York County Fire Museum
,and is where I staged from
for my first fire parade back
in the late "1980s". It was
great to be home.
Stopped at the Vigilant
fire house for some
We passed the Old York
Court House which
housed the continental
congress for a week
during the revolutionary
war. Thous making York
capital for a week.
Next we passed the Plough
Tavern and Gates House . It
was just a few blocks and we
where in Yorks Colonial
Square and the reviewing
Conni and I again thank LeRoy
Naugle and His wife for the
great photo record and all the
rest that help us this year.
Again we where all rewarded for our efforts with a first place win for the
Malvern Fire Company!
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